Chuck Day Country Music

The Year of the Mission!

Chuck and Selena are traveling out of the United States every 2 months to Coach The World Race Squads. These are young people who commit to travel to 11 countries in 11 months!

We know that many of you have always wanted to be a part of a missions team, but for whatever reason you are unable to leave work and family behind to follow that dream. Well, The Days have an answer for you!

The Year of the Mission is a unique opportunity for you to share the Gospel right where you are, to the people that YOU love and want to see reconciled to God! For the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2015 we are offering 2 Chuck Day Cds for only $20.00! Thats a $30.00 Value! This offer applies to Chuck’s latest CD entitled “eleven”. These CDs contain songs with great messages of hope and healing, family values and of love for our great country!

We have prayed over these anointed CDs and have had dozens of testimonies of how these powerful songs have helped to change lives.

Here is how it works!

When you take advantage of the 2 for $20.00 offer we ask you to keep 1 CD for your enjoyment and then take the other CD and place it in the hands of someone that you know that loves great Country Music! That’s right, PLANT IT AS A SEED into the life of the person who you want to see blessed!

We hope you will go to our merchandise page and take advantage of this great offer right now! Join the team and lets celebrate “The Year of the Mission!”


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